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The voice of the promotional product industry provides important news, trends and business strategies to top distributor decision-makers.

Circulation: 14,000

Readership: 35,700

Audience: Distributors


Advantages® keeps 88,800 top distributor salespeople tuned in to new products, ideas and sales techniques.

Circulation: 40,000

Readership: 88,800

Audience: Distributors


Wearables® is the industry's #1 apparel and decorating source for distributors, screen printers and embroiderers. 

Circulation: 28,000

Readership: 62,440

Audience: Commercial Embroiderers and Screen Printers, Distributors, Distributors and Screen Printers


Supplier Global Resource (SGR) delivers industry news from across the globe dedicated to today's supplier.

Circulation: 8,000

Readership: 22,840

Audience: Suppliers

Custom Publishing

With ASI® Custom Publishing, you’ll get a multimedia program with the core content piece written by our award-winning editors.

Audience: Distributors

Print Design 101

By focusing on a few key elements, you can create advertisements that can help captivate potential buyers, set you apart from competitiors and give your sales a boost. Discover the top six tips for creating effective print ads.

What is Marketing?

360 brandingFor many business leaders, marketing is easy to get confused with advertising. Marketing is much and should be a big part of your business strategy. After all, marketing is where sales, advertising, public relations, customer service, product and  finance all intersect.