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ASI SmartBooks

ASI SmartBooks® is the business management software that allows your company to manage all intricate business processes with a single, flexible, powerful business application.

Audience: Suppliers


Through one centralized location, you can access the most critical information you need to stay informed, make decisions and run your business.

Audience: Suppliers

ROI Report

Take advantage of your official MediaStats ROI Report - the data that works for you! Uncover analytics in an easy-to-read monthly report containing stats on your current ASI® Advertising efforts, including click-through rates, reader survey card results, views and leads. 

Audience: Suppliers

SGR Product Sourcing Tool

ASI's newest tool enables suppliers to research and connect with exporters and manufacturers around the globe.

Audience: Suppliers

ESP Updates

When you provide all of your products’ info on ESP®, you’re arming your distributors not only with knowledge, but confidence.

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