5 Ways to Grow Your Business and Give Distributors What They Need

5 Ways to Grow Your Business and Give Distributors What They Need:

1. Know how to optimize your products with ESP Updates for suppliers:

  • Stellar images - make sure to have images on all products.

esp imag

  • Confirmed pricing - make sure your product pricing is up-to-date.

esp confirmed pricing


  • Original keywords - make sure to use both original and optimized keywords.


2. Know your ESP performance with ESP Media Statistics.

  • ESP Media Statisitics

    Know the imapact of marketing dollars.

  • Maximize the results of your advertising.
  • Media statistics terms:
    • Product clicks - number of times your product is clicked.
    • Competitor rank - where you rank among competitors, based on monthly category links.
    • Advertising performance - click-through rates for ad campaigns.
    • Performance trend - yearly performance trend.
  • Advertising solutions:
    • Pay for Placement - secure a top af position.
    • Supplier Specials - reach prospects at the perfect time.
    • Banner Ads - call attention to your best products.

3. Know your ESP competitor rank.

  • Know competitors
  • Measure performance
  • Measure growth
  • Know market share

4. Know how to create an ad campaign.

  • What is it? Allow your products to be easily found in ESP® before competitors.
  • Why use it? Drastically increases your ESP product clicks and call volume.
  • How can you use it? 
    • Determing standing - check ROI to know where you currently rank.
    • Find keywords - check product categories.
    • Set budgets - dollar amount and monthly impressions.
    • Monitor results - check ROI reports for responses.
  • Good to know terms:
    • Impressions - searches per month
    • CPM - cost per 1,000 impressions
    • Position - where your ad appears on the results page
    • Default product - product that appears in ad

5. Know how to set goals and measure responses.

  • Measuring your responses and results allows you to see what works, what doesn't and what you need to change.
  • What you can track and measure:
    • Number of phone calls
    • Number of new clients
    • Monthly sales
    • Number of new orders

When you utilize these 5 tips, you're optimizing your changes for ESP success.