Better Ratings in ESP = Better Sales

How Do Distributors Rate You?

Tmeausre successhere’s no doubt ESP® is a great source for products, but it’s also an important tool for distributors to find reliable suppliers. That’s because it includes ratings of suppliers by distributors. Search results can be filtered to show only  suppliers that have the best ratings. Your goal should be to achieve five-star ratings by encouraging every ASI® distributor you do business with to rate you.


Distributors use a one-to-five scale (one being poor, five being excellent) to rate suppliers in six areas:

  1. Overall Satisfaction – General level of satisfaction with the transaction being reported.

  2. Product Quality – Relative to expectations based on price, catalog or electronic images or samples.

  3. Communications – Promptness and accuracy related to questions, invoices and order status updates.

  4. Delivery – Have published or agreed shipping schedules been met? Was packaging adequate?

  5. Imprinting/Personalization – Quality relative to your expectations based on imprint method, product, catalog or electronic images or samples.

  6. Problem Resolution – Satisfaction related to concerns raised during the transaction.

Distributors can also submit comments about their experiences, similar to what a consumer can do on Amazon and eBay. If a distributor rates you and includes comments, you’ll receive the comments via email. You’ll have five days to respond before the distributor’s comments and your response are posted. Important tip: always respond to distributor comments. To check or change the email address where you're receiving your ratings notifications, send an email to

Encourage Distributors to Rate You in ESP

Here are some easy ways to get distributors to rate you. 

Ask your inside sales team and customer service reps to request that your distributor customers rate you on a monthly or quarterly basis to ensure you’re getting the feedback in ESP.

Add a link to the supplier ratings page,, to your:

  • Customer communications
  • Company website
  • Customer invoices
  • Email signature (for all employees)
  • Marketing promotions
  • Order confirmation emails

5-Star Supplier? Promote It

ASI has designed a logo for 5-star suppliers to use on their marketing materials.

ESP 5 star reviews

★ Bonus Content: Download the ASI Supplier Ratings Form

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Chapter 3 -- Better Ratings in ESP = Better Sales