Channel Marketing

Channel Marketing

You use the Internet, update social media and check email. You watch TV, drive on highways and receive mail from the U.S. Postal Service. Distributors and end-buyers are no different. These are all channels companies leverage to market to you. Channel marketing is the direction of marketing campaigns by different channels of distribution (such as print, email, online, social media and more).


Direct Mail Email Mobile
Landing Pages/Websites Video Magazines
Catalogs Social Media Public Relations
Trade Shows SEO SEM






Why is Channel Marketing Important?

  • It’s important to market in ways your distributors are familiar with and use.
  • Channel marketing enables you to isolate and test your marketing campaigns.
  • Channel marketing enables you to cross promote among channels to reinforce and compliment key messages.

How Do You Get Started?

Identify the channels where your prospect clients interact. In this industry, your prospect clients (distributors) use a variety of tools to sell magazines, catalogs, ESP®, emails, etc, so you need to market where your clients are.

Identify marketing value of each channel. This involves research and analysis of these channels, the competing channels and the markets where your product is relevant.

Identify the potential channels available to you. Channel marketing involves finding the technology resources you need to execute. For example, for email marketing, do you have an email provider? For website, do you have web developer? Hosting capabilities? Etc.

Identify strategy and implementation plan. Now that you’ve done the research, it’s time to put it into action.

What Do You Measure?

Different marketing channels have different metrics. It's important to understand how metrics apply to each channel.

Email Marketing Website/Landing Pages Direct Mails Public Relations Trade Show
Operational Operational Operational Operational Operational
•Open rate
•Click-through rate
•Bounce rate
•Unsubscribe rate
•Delivery rate
•Unique visitors
•Page views
•Bounce rate
•Referral traffic
•Traffic growth
•Call-to-action click rate
•Campaign cost
•Cost per thousand
•Response rate
•# of press releases sent
•# of press conferences attended
•# of executive interviews scheduled
•Booth visits
•Badge swipes
•Promotional items/giveaways
•Check ins/social media mentions
Sales Sales Sales Sales Sales
•Cost to create a lead
•Cost to create sales from lead Revenue per email sent
•Average order size
•Total sales/revenue
•# of Leads/form submissions
•# of visitors who became a lead
•# of visitors who became a customer
•Cost per lead or sale
•Total sales/revenue
•Qualified leads
•Total sales/revenue
•# of leads generated
•Cost per lead or sale
•Clips generated
•Advertising $ equivalence
•New leads or sales
•# of Leads/meetings scheduled
•Total sales/revenue
•# of visitors who became a lead
•# of visitors who became a customer
•Cost to create a lead


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