CONNECT: Unlock Your All-Access Pass

There’s more to ASI®: more services and more opportunities  for our valued suppliers. Our latest updates and enhancements are aimed to help you DO MORE in LESS TIME, with data that works for you, all housed under one easy-to-access Connect dashboard.  With just one click, you can access any of the following great products:

  • SGR Product Sourcing Tool enables suppliers to research with exporters and manufacturers around the globe.

  • MediaStats (ROI) report provides suppliers with insight on your products are performing and monitors the traffic your products are getting, such as views, clicks, top-five searched products and comparisons to competitors. Best practice tip: stay up-to-date on where you rank.

  • Connect credit information enables suppliers to share and view information on the distributors they do business with. The available information includes payment habits, collections, NSFs, write-offs and more.

  • ESP Web for suppliers allows you to see how your products are viewed by distributors. On the go? Use ESP Mobile for suppliers. Understand how to effectively present products to distributors in ESP and gain a competitive advantage.

“Connect is an extension of my credit department. I find the information extremely valuable and use ASI Connect daily.”

– Cheryl M., Flexible Innovations asi/54596

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Chapter 3 -- Connect Credit Information