Email Marketing 101

Tips for Writing and Perfecting Subject Lines 

writing perfect subject line64% of people say they will open an email because of subject line. (Source: Direct Marketing Association). Here are seven tips to help you perfect your subject lines:

  1. Personalize subject lines when you can by using each recipient’s name, company name, business location and more. Know your audience and make them excited!

  2.  Avoid splash words, such as “free,” “sale” and “best prices.” Also, keep your subject lines grammatically correct; don’t group keywords together thinking they will spark interest.

  3.  Keep It Short. You have 3 seconds to reel them in – so stick to 50 characters or less so it appears on the preview screen – even on mobile devices.

  4. CAVEAT!  If the message delivers pertinent “What’s in it for me?” information, longer subject lines can be effective.

  5. Create urgency. You don’t want to be on the “Save for later” list. Tell the reader how soon they should take action. Timeliness is important.

  6. Be clear. Being clever works, but you take the risk of overcomplicating your message. What’s the reason for your email? Special offer or discount? Put it in the subject line. Don’t trick your audience into opening your email with empty promises or you’ll be getting a lot of opt-outs.

  7.  When in doubt, test, test, test. If you want to improve your subject lines and increase open rates, start testing!



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Chapter 12 -- Tips for Writing and Perfecting Email Subject Lines