Email Marketing 101: Six Myths You Should Debunk Today

 Here are six email marketing myths you should debunk today:

debunk email myths1.  Don’t send the same email twice FALSE: If an email worked before, try it again – with a few adjustments. Continually analyze results to see which minor changes made a difference in viewer engagement.
2.  Keep emails short & “above the fold” – FALSE: Placing an engaging image or message above the fold can entice viewers to scroll.
3.  Don’t send emails on a Friday FALSE: According to ASI’s latest stats, EmailExpress email blasts are performing even better on Fridays. With higher open rates and higher engagement, Friday deployment is an underleveraged opportunity.
4.  The subject line doesn’t matter FALSE: Actually, it’s one of the most important components of your email because it’s what will determine if the email is worth opening or not. The subject line should creatively tell what the email is about and/or include a call-to-action.
5.  Emails have a complex design   FALSE: In fact, sometimes it’s better that your emails are really simple or even just plain text. There are potential benefits to sending plain text or simple emails: recipients don’t feel like they are being marketed to and you don’t need to worry about the email not loading.
6.  Email is just a nurturing toolFALSE: That’s only half the story. Emails are heavily shared and they wind up reaching people who weren't on the recipient email list.
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Chapter 13 -- Email Marketing Myths You Should Debunk Today