Five Keys to Turning Distributors into Brand Evangelists

5 (Not-So-Secretly-Kept) Secrets to Turn Distributors into YOUR Brand Evangelists

1. Basic Knowledge Goes Along Way

  • Provide insight on trends, products, etc. At ASI®, we help you become knowledgeable leaders with our annual Ad Impression Study, State of the Industry Reports, the Wearables® Study and more!

  • Become the go-to supplier. Share advice, news and trends.

  • Become an ally in selling efforts. Differentiate yourself from the rest. Don't just try to sell the products, sell benefits. In your creatives, explain how a distributor can easily pitch products to clients.

ASI Loyalty Graph

2. Reward Your Most Loyal Customers

Why Do Customers Participate in Loyalty Programs? 

  • It costs 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one. - Bain & Company
  • The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%. - Marketing Metrics

How can you encourage distributors to return to you?

Distributors and salespeople are driven by saving money, so give them a reason to be loyal:

  1. Provide better prices and margins.
  2. Offer frequency and preview discounts.
  3. Give special offers or benefits that can be redeemed later for rewards.

3. Ensure Distributors Have the Right Info at the Right Time

What frustrates distributors MOST when pitching their clients? Not knowing if the info on ESP® is accurate and up-to-date. Your distributors are busy. Their end-buyers want information easily, and could change their minds in seconds. When you provide all of your products’ info on ESP, you’re arming your distributors with knowledge and confidence.

How Does a Distributor Search on ESP:

  • Keyword-driven search. Enter any keyword you wish to search.
  • Drill down with specifics. Use the advanced search and search by:
    • Product
    • Supplier
    • keywordDecorator
    • Recent Searches
    • Saved Searches
  • Locate product. Apply "Advanced Search" filters.
  • Call/request. Supplier’s information is listed so you can call for more info or request a quote.

There is GREAT POWER in a good, informative "Product Description."

  • Images on ALL products
  • Pricing on ALL products
  • Confirmed pricing
  • Detailed descriptions
  • Optimizing keywords
  • Break out products

Optimize Your Products

  • Images on ALL products
  • Pricing on ALL products
  • Confirmed pricing
  • Break out products


4. You Can Hear a Smile on the Phone

Great customer service starts before the sell and continues post-sale. That ramps you up for the next sales call, both inbound and outbound.

Good or bad, it is important to ACT. You know the value of your customers. THE NEXT STEP IS TO BE PREPARED TO RESPOND.

  • Create standards and policies that will support a consistent, positive experience for customers.
  • Create proactive outbound effort: quote follow up, problem resolution and target accounts for development.
  • Dedicate a person who will oversee images, copy and pricing to ensure all marketing materials for search engines are available and current.
  • Monitor your social media sites to see how people are talking about you.

5. Make the Distributor Experience Count

Supplier Ratings Count

In this relationship-driven industry, it’s critical to create positive supplier ratings. Your ratings can speak on your behalf even before a request is made. Because Supplier Ratings are based on rolling weeks, it’s a fluctuating rating. 

  • You have the power to influence this rating.
  • Tap into your best customer.
  • Engage your challenging customers better.

Tips on how to get supplier ratings and gain credibility. Simple ways to ask for feedback and always follow up:

  • Include it in your email as a final send-off
  • Include it in your invoices
  • Post to your website and social media pages
  • A thank-you goes a long way and helps keep the relationship strong

Incorporate these 5 keys into your marketing plan and experience a jolt to creating brand evangelists.

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