Get to Know How Distributors Search on ESP

How to Grow Your Business with ESP

It’s critical to get your products listed on ESP®. Now, take it one step further – knowing how distributors search will help you determine what information to include:

Step 1: Keyword-Diven Search

esp searches

Here are the top 10 searches on ESP:
  1. Keyword
  2. Product number
  3. Price
  4. Quantity
  5. Color
  6. Material
  7. Size
  8. With image
  9. Location
  10. With price



Step 2: Drill Down with Specifics

esp advanced search

Use the "Advanced Search" feature to source by:
  • Product
  • Supplier
  • Decorator
  • Recent searches
  • Saved searches





Step 3: Locate Product

Distributors use the "Advanced Search" to filter by words, phrases or words to exclude


Step 4: Call/Request

esp product

Supplier's information is listed so you can call for more information of request a quote.

There is great power in a good informative product description. 

Supplier Checklist:

  • Images for all products
  • Pricing on all products
  • Confirmed pricing
  • Detailed descriptions
  • Optimized keywords
  • Break out products



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