How to Transform Custom Publishing into Content Marketing

Custom Publishing Transformed into Content Marketing

Today, the act of marketing isn't about just selling products; it's part education, part information, party entertainment and part inspiration.

content marketingExpanded content on your ESP Website™. Develop content that can be used by distributors as a sales tool. Can be used as a lead generation device to draw interest among distributors.

Email Marketing. Develop an eblast content schedule that would highlight key topics/markets that would drive distributors to your ESP Website.

Digital Custom Publishing. Just because you create one printed version doesn’t mean you have to make the digital version the same.

Social Media Posts. Develop a social media schedule that aligns with the eblast schedule, repurposing the content in bite size tips.

Content Marketing Lives On (and on and on)

  • Now complement with a series of one-page content in the magazines, highlighting key topic or category. 
  • Add social media contest.
  • Add recap/best of content.


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