Print Design 101

Create Winning Print Advertisements

By focusing on a few key elements, you can create advertisements that will captivate potential buyers, set you apart from your competition and give your sales a much-needed boost.

1. Write a headline that speaks to your target. Then, write a sub-headline that captures your unique selling proposition – the major benefit of purchasing your product or service. For email, the subject line is your first headline; it’s the most important piece of copy you’ll write. Poor subject lines can result in low open rates or spam-filter rejections.

2. Unclutter your visuals. If there’s too much going on, you’ll lose your audience, so consider a HERO product that highlights one key product. Don't jam 50 products in one page – save that for your catalogs.

3. Include a call to action. Make it easy for your audience to contact you. If you can tie together your unique selling proposition or an offer with your call to action, you’ll maximize your response. For example: “For a FREE customized sample, call (800) 123-4567 today!”

4. Repeat your ad.  Understand that frequency and repetition of the same message is the key to success. When the reader responds, it’s often the result of a third and fourth exposure.

5. Include a tagline and photo. Distributors are visual and busy – they have to understand your ad in a quick view and then take action. Look to position your company in the marketplace by reminding the reader why you’re the best option. 

6. Pay attention to size. Size affects readership more significantly than any other variable. In a Cahners research study, two-page spreads received 37% more readers than single-page ads – and achieved 133% more readers than fractional-page ads.


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Chapter 9 -- Create Winning Print Advertisements