Sales 101: How to Uncover Sales Opportunities

To find new sales, a company should have a strategy for acquiring new customers.

uncover sales opportunitiesThere are a lot of ways to reach the right people at the right time: Market profitable products, focus on products that will make money and constantly update your product line. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket – if you rely on one product you run into a problem with it, you won’t have any sales coming in. Look to diversify your product offerings so you always have products you can sell and a new reason to market to customers.

Stay in front of prospects.

One of the most important things you can do is make sure your top prospects hear from you on a consistent basis. That means contacting them through email, direct mail, in-person visits and phone calls. Trade shows are also a great source for leads. Make sure you qualify them on the show floor or by post-show communications such as email or phone calls.  Not all prospects are good customers for your business.

Target the right distributors.

Smart suppliers have an ideal client profile on hand to help their team gauge whether a lead is hot or not. Use your time wisely.

Tailor your approach.

Customize sales pitches for prospects and provide them with pre-packaged sales pitches and presentations. Help distributors sell your products. Offer sales sheets, online videos and other marketing materials that can be personalized for individual distributors and end-buyers.

Position yourself as an expert.

Distributor clients want to work with suppliers who are consultative partners, as opposed to product providers alone. Distributor education and communication are the top ways suppliers use their websites. Educate clients by providing regular and ongoing educational sessions or newsletters to show them how to use your products to make more money.

Get referrals.

Some of the best salespeople in the industry get a large percentage of their business strictly from referrals. Referred prospects are easier to set appointments and close sales with. There is a level of trust already in place, and price is less of an issue. The key with referrals is to actually have a program in place.  Know exactly where to find them, when to ask for them, and how you will follow up with them. Some steps your team can take include:

  • Make sure thank-you notes include a sentence on referral.
  • In email, snail mail or on your website, briefly explain your referral program and define what would be a great referral for you.
  • After an order is complete, be sure to let the client know in person or on the phone that referrals are appreciated. 
  • Offer a benefit to the client for the referral, such as a discount on a future order or free shipping.