Social Media Marketing 101

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the process of marketing through social channels in order to gain website traffic and attention through social media sites.


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Why is Social Media Marketing a Must?

It’s time to stop debating whether social media has a return on investment for your business. Here are 4 ways social media can help your business.

Brand awareness: No matter how great your company or your product is, you need people to know you exist. Social media helps you build that awareness (virtually for free).
Grows reach: Create fans and followers with content, contests and engaging posts.
Acquires customers: Convert fans and followers into action-takers, buyers, testimonials and content referrals. 
Creates loyalty: Foster relationships with fans, followers, buyers and non-buyers and reinforce your relationship.

How Do You Get Started?

Be Selective. There are a lot of social media sites and not all of them are relevant for your business. Don’t sign for every channel because they are the shiny new thing. Get the most out of this asset by focusing on one or two. 

Determine Your Channel and Content Strategy: What is your main content you want to use to engage and how will you engage them? Then ask yourself, "What will I do when I engage them?" – essentially your content-conversion plan.

Create an implementation plan. It can be daunting to stay focused on doing being “social” while running your business. In fact. it can have a negative effective on business if you lose time trying to be active and respond continuously. Things you can create to stay focused:

  • Content calendar
  • Conversation-worthy content
  • Contests/giveaway offers
  • Employee activationsocial network
  • Social advertising
  • Partnerships with companies that compliment your products or services
  • Links to your offline marketing efforts

Be patient. Making a success of any new marketing tactic will take some learning.

Remember, the service may be free but your time isn’t.

What Do You Measure?

Marketers know the value of this tool. There are many ways to measure your social media marketing efforts.


  • Fans/followers
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Audience reach
  • Traffic from social media


  • Cost to create a lead
  • Total sales/revenue generated
  • Cost to convert a fan to lead conversion rate
  • Fan to customer conversion rate

Not every social media site will work for you, so experiment with different sites to find the ones to market your business. Remember, social media should supplement your marketing, not distract it.