Three Critical Audiences You Have to Know

How to Identify the 3 Big Audiences in the Promotional Products Industry and Target Them Effectively


You’ve found their names. You’ve networked. You’ve schmoozed at events. But you’re still wondering how to get these busy distributors to pay attention to you and your products. The answer is to identify your audience and then develop a plan for connecting with them. Here is some notes to get you started:

3 Big Power Players

1. Distributor leaders. 

2. Distributor sales reps

3. End-buyers

Distributor Leaders

  • Who are they? Typically the owners/principles of their company
    • Top 40 average $2.2 million in annual sales
  • What do they do? Oversee teams of sales reps
    • 100% of Top 40 subscribe to Counselor®
    • 90% have taken action based on something they read
  • Why are they important? They have the power to make key decisions!
    • Influence buying decisions
    • Evaluate products, vendors, relationships
    • Decide on strategies
    • ​​​Good relationship = indirect influence =  influence on others
  • What channels can I use to reach them?
    • They read industry publications to remain informed about changes in the marketplace
    • They network with other powerful leaders at major industry events
    • They stay up-to-speed on the latest sales and marketing techniques

Distributor Sales Reps

  • Who are they? Representatives responsible for product sales
    • At ASI, we have 130,000+ distributor sales reps from 32,000+ distributor firms
  • What do they do? Sell directly to end-buyers
    • 95,000 read Advantages
    • 7 out of 10 readers say Advantages® prepares them with sales calls
    • 130,000+ search for products on ESP®
  • Why are they important? They are an extension of your company’s sales force. They help explain, sell and market your product in their conversations, sales calls, etc.
  • What channels can I use to reach them?

    • They use educational materials to aid their sales efforts
    • They want to feel preferred and enjoy rewards
    • They want to be recognized for their efforts 


  • Who are they? The buying agents of all your products
    • 7 out of 10 readers say Advantages prepares them with ideas for sales calls
  • What do they do? Purchase products on behalf of their companies for special activities, brands, selling efforts
    • 1,500,000+ receive catalogs
    • 72% use promotional products in their advertising or promotion ad campaigns
  • Why are they important? These end-buyers are in demand for the goods and information you provide.
  • What channels can I use to reach them?​ 
    • They consult catalogs to find out what products are available
    • They read industry publications to find out what's popular
    • They analyze the promotions of their competitors

asi end-user markets

Where do your products fit in?

Top Industries:

  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Apparel
  • Manufacturing



  • Influence the leaders!
  • Distributors need valuable info in order to sell
  • End-buyers need to know what’s popular

One Last Thing:

Within this industry, these core players could wear many hats in their company.

But you don't have to do it alone; ASI can help! Contact us for opportunities to advertise within our catalogs, events, magazines and websites.


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Chapter 5 -- The 3 Big Audiences You Have to Know