Top 5 Reasons Pay for Placement WORKS

TOP FIVE REASONS Pay for Placement Works for Your Business

ESP Pay for Placement5. You're given a competitive edge. Whether you're starting or growing your business, you need to make sure your customers know who you are. Competing with bigger brands is never easy and making your products stand out is even harder. Pay for Placement helps increase the visibilty of your company and your products in a crowded market place. 

4. Your customers are already online. With over 3.0 million searches happening every month on ESP® and 32,000 distributors logging into ESP, you know  your customers are online.  The first thing your customers do when they are thinking about buying something is to perform a search. 

3. You have to put in minimal effort. Like traditional Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing methodology, Pay for Placement guarantees advertisers a high ranking, related to keywords in a search. ESP has now adopted that same successful idea. The difference is, Pay for Placement is maintenance-free and doesn’t require suppliers to do anything to maintain their position.  

2. You won't overpay. No company, large or small, wants to overstretch budget. Pay for Placement delivers the benefits of pay-per-click marketing without the bidding. You pay for placement; it's as easy as that.  

And the number one reason Pay for Placement works for your business is ...

1. Your product appears on page one of the search results immediately. While everyone wants to rank at the top in an organic search, it can take time and consistent work to get there. Pay for Placement is a powerful way to reach your target audience immediately, allowing your products to appear when your customer is looking for them.  


It’s time to take a closer look at what Pay for Placement can do for your business. Be where your customers are.