Why Does Content Matter?

Five Ways that Content Matters

asi content marketing1. Good content is read, great content engages. Rise above the noise.

2. Forget brand awareness. With engaging content, you create authority and credibility.

3. Content marketing strategy provides your company full control. Your voice. Your topics. Your editorial calendar. Marketing whenhow, and to whom you want to target.

4.Content can and should be repurposed, across multiple media platforms.

5.Valuable content educates your team, clients and prospects.


Need Another Reason? Try Seven:

1. Maximize your readership. Research shows twice as many people read custom supplements as they do general issues. 

2. Leave a lasting impression. Custom supplements enjoy exposure long after the issue date since readers like to “tear and save” them.

3. Build your brand in a way that’s unique to magazine advertising.

4. Enjoy three great marketing tools for the price of one. Since the supplement can be pulled out, it triples as an advertisement, direct mailer and sales collateral.

5. Score points with your marketing group. That’s because our award-winning team does the heavy lifting — planning, researching and writing the custom supplement exclusively for you. 

6. Deepen your credibility and the impact of your advertising dollar by allowing you the space to tell your story in full. 

7. Establish your company as progressive. People will view you as a standout — the go-to source for reliable and cutting-edge information. 


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