The Gift Book

The Gift Book: Position your Products with the Most Prestigious Gifts

The Gift Book® is our most upscale and elegant catalog. It contains an impressive collection of timeless gifts and incentives and is the perfect catalog to kick-off the holiday and 4th-quarter selling season.

  • 4th-Quarter Sales Tool: This tasteful collection of gift ideas is delivered exactly when end-buyers are planning their year-end gifts, incentives and reward purchasing decisions!

  • Features High-End Products: Appeal to sophisticated end-buyers when you showcase elegant products like wine gift sets, crystal vases, gold watches and leather portfolios.

  • Advertising Options: Highlight one unique item or combine like products when you choose a single-product page or a traditional 5- or 9-product spread.

  • Multiple Sections: Each special category is designed to lead end-buyers right to your products – Food & Drink, Cards & Stationery, Sports, The Classics and more.

Single-Page Circulation 75,000
Spectrum Gift Edition Bonus Circulation 150,000
Spread Circulation 225,000
Audience End-buyers and distributors
Reservation Deadline May 2017
Month Published July 2017
Dimensions 8.375” x 10.875”

BONUS: FREE advertising! Spread ads will be printed as full-page ads in 150,000 issues of Spectrum!

To view a digital version of the Gift Book®, click here.

ASI catalogs increases my exposure over and over again. A catalog opened a door for me recently and led to a $3,700 order.
Marc B., Eagle Express, Inc. asi/185230

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