Wearables: The Vision of the Decorated Apparel Industry

Wearables® is the industry's #1 apparel and decorating source for distributors, screen printers and embroiderers. 

More than 1/2 of readers purchased machinery/equipment in the past 18 months*

Fast Facts*  
Circulation Promise (14,250 Screen Printers, 8,750 Embroiderers, 3,460 Distributors) 28,000
Total Audience 62,440**
High-Level Executives 76%
Taken action in the last 12 months 91%*
Gives me new product ideas 88%*
Read half or more of the magazine 82%*


* 2016 Publisher’s Study
** Total Audience includes pass-alongs from 2016 Publisher’s Study

With ASI we advertise in Wearables, Stitches and Counselor magazine, and each one has their specific audience, although there is some overlap, but it has really helped us, because people know what the new product is, they go to those magazines, they... read more
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