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Connect: Unlock Your All-Access Pass

Connect™ is a prospecting and credit reporting tool allowing you to instantly qualify leads and safeguard your company. Connect helps you target new audiences, identify markets and instantly verify information on current and prospective distributors. The database is updated constantly, providing the most accurate industry information.


Connect Impacts All Aspects of Your Business

Marketing Department

  • Export marketing lists for catalog mailings, call campaigns or sending highly targeted emails with ASI® Prospect Hunter

  • Reach distributors by product sales, location, sales volume, credit history, company size, customer types and number of salespeople

  • Feed leads to your sales force

  • Develop a strong marketing strategy by researching distributors in Connect

Sales Department

  • Target distributors who have looked up products like yours in ESP®

  • Search for key distributors by location, name, sales volume, product line or specific markets

  • Identify high-value prospects

  • Increase your revenue by building stronger relationships

Credit Department

  • Receive daily credit alerts to see how the industry is performing as a whole

  • Set up a list of distributors to monitor and receive daily updates on their performance

  • Verify a distributor’s credit in just seconds

  • View industry-specific credit scores, credit history, past-due invoices and collection notifications on different distributors

  • Report past-due accounts immediately on our easy-to-use reporting system

Connect is an extension of my credit department. I find the information extremely valuable and use ASI Connect Daily.
Cheryl M., Flexible Innovations asi/54596

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What is Marketing?

360 brandingFor many business leaders, marketing is easy to get confused with advertising. Marketing is much and should be a big part of your business strategy. After all, marketing is where sales, advertising, public relations, customer service, product and  finance all intersect.