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ESP Updates

ESP Updates: It's All in the Details

When you provide all of your products’ info on ESP®, you’re arming your distributors not only with knowledge, but confidence.

Your first step to being a successful ASI® supplier starts with getting your products listed on ESP. This enables your products to be found by your prospective buyers.

There are three simple steps to using ESP Updates 

  1. Visit

  2. Enter your asi/, username & password. Remember to click “Update Your Products” before hitting “Login."

  3. Review your products for final approval. 

Five Reasons to Love ESP Updates

  1. Save Time. Upload or update products quickly.

  2. Multitask. Multiple people from one supplier can be logged in at one time. If someone is updating, your products are not locked down.

  3. Get Promoted. Enjoy guided entry – a prompt criteria that will let you know if you are missing information.

  4. Update in Bulk. Make bulk price adjustments to all of your category products at once.

  5. Manage Pricing Adjustments. Need to add a dollar to one product, or give a discount to all products? Make granular pricing changes by simply re-uploading.

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360 brandingFor many business leaders, marketing is easy to get confused with advertising. Marketing is much and should be a big part of your business strategy. After all, marketing is where sales, advertising, public relations, customer service, product and  finance all intersect.